Thinking About Planting a Tree? Let the Pros Help.

Thinking About Planting a Tree? Let the Pros Help.

Call us for tree planting advice in Fort Collins, Windsor or Greeley, CO or the Northern Colorado area

Trees make great decorations for any yard. They can also reduce erosion, shelter wildlife and help keep the soil in your yard healthy. If you're considering planting a new tree or two in your yard, the pros at Scebbi Tree Services, LLC can help. Our dedicated tree company serves residents of Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley, CO and the Northern Colorado area.

We'll explain everything you need to know to set your new tree up for success. Our trained tree planting specialist recommends that you plant trees in the spring or fall to ensure that they grow tall and healthy.

We make planting trees simple

You don't have to be a tree planting expert to have strong, healthy trees in your yard. We'll walk you through every step of the process, including:

  • Planting your tree at the proper depth and removing excess soil
  • Removing wrapping to help facilitate proper tree growth
  • Straightening the tree to make sure it grows evenly
  • Installing stakes and packing soil around the tree to stabilize it
  • Adding mulch to give the tree essential nutrients
  • Providing follow-up care such as watering and pruning

Contact our tree company today to get the information you need to plant a beautiful, thriving tree.