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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions to ask your local arborist

Frequently asked questions when hiring a tree service company

Ryan Scebbi prunes large tree in Northern Colorado

Working with a local tree service is essential to keeping your trees growing healthy and your landscapes in tip top shape. Scebbi Tree Services is owned by arborist Ryan Scebbi. He has 15 years experience climbing and caring for Colorado’s largest and most dangerous trees. 

We believe in customer rapport and building long-term relationships with our homeowners, property management companies, HOA’s, metropolitan districts and local communities. 

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, and we highly encourage our customers to ask questions about our tree services to help prolong the lives of their trees.


We are happy to do a site evaluation or review pictures to provide you with our expert analysis to determine the health status of your tree(s). This step is critical in helping us provide professional recommendations on care for your tree. Regardless, we recommend making sure your tree gets adequate amounts of the water year-round, receives fertilization at least once per year, and is properly pruned to prolong the life of your tree.

Yes, all trees need water consistently throughout the year — even in Colorado during the wintertime when we get snow. The amount of water your tree needs depends on the size and species. Contact us to discuss recommendations.

Yes, Scebbi Tree Services plants trees, shrubs and wind breaks, and we work with the best local nurseries in Northern Colorado to do so.

Any tree species native to the region typically has best chance for a long life, which include Plains Cottonwoods, Elms, Catalpa, Linden, Spruce, and Evergreen trees, after being planted.

People fertilize their trees to help prolong their lives, support balanced and healthy growth and to maximize the beauty of their landscapes. Our deep root organic fertilizer encourages root growth down into the soil for stability.

Yes, Scebbi Tree Services trims and prunes trees. Ryan Scebbi, owner and arborist, has 15 years of experience in tree care.

The frequency for trimming or pruning a tree depends on a variety of factors: species of tree, size of tree, amount of growth on the tree, local weather conditions. Our expert tree climber and arborist, Ryan Scebbi, trims and prunes trees year-round, based on what the trees need to support overall health and balanced growth from year-to-year.

Pruning trees is often recommended in the late fall or winter time once all the leaves have fallen. However, determining the right time for tree pruning can depend on the species of trees, size and age of tree, the amount of growth on the tree, and overall health of the tree.

Yes, we service big trees from fertilizing to pruning to trimming to removals. Scebbi Tree Services is equipped and skilled to climb and properly care for trees of any height.

Trees should be removed when they have reached the end of their life cycle, or dying from disease, insects or lack of water. Property owners should consider removals before the dead or dying tress become a hazard to homes or buildings, such as falling during extreme weather.

Once your tree is removed, we recycle the tree into mulch or firewood. We can also make custom mantles or furniture as a memoir of your tree.

Yes, we typically discuss a plan for the firewood and/or mulch at the time of your estimate.

Yes, many of our rural homeowners will keep the mulch for their gardens and landscapes. We typically discuss a plan for this at the time of your estimate, as it requires a place to pile the wood chips during the time of service.

Yes, we carry adequate insurance, and we’re happy to provide proof! Contact us for the details.

Yes, we use equipment that grinds out the remaining stump and roots in your yard so you can easily replant a new tree or grass in its place.

You do not need to be home or on-site of the rental property or business for us to do an estimate. If you cannot meet us during the estimate, we are happy to communicate on the phone during or after we do a site evaluation to discuss details. We always follow-up with a digital estimate sent by email to ensure you have clear expectations for the value of our tree services.

Scheduling an estimate with us can help us determine the cost associated with the service and care your trees need.